How do you learn to make decisions so you don't regret your choices?

Many of us have been faced with agonizing choices that we couldn't make quickly. For example, buy the latest model of phone or save money and get the previous version, buy a red or beige dress, eat dessert or it's better to say no. But in fact, discarding doubts is easier than you might imagine. I’m Max Rasmussen from We have prepared 7 useful ways to make the process of choosing easy and simple.


Throw away your ideals.

The desire to choose the best only slows down the decision-making process. You begin to think for a long time, subsequently postponing the choice for a long time and in the end the decision never comes. So do not get hung up on the unattainable, and take into account what you have at the moment.


The best decisions are made in the morning.

Studies show that the most correct and accurate decisions are most often made in the morning. In the evening, after a hard day's work and housework, you want to make choices faster and go to rest. But how much of this decision will really turn out to be the best? Try to solve problems in the morning, when you have enough energy and time.


Delegate the choice.

This method, of course, is not suitable for solving serious problems. But for everyday choices is quite useful. For example, if you don't know about wines and can't decide for a long time, ask a sommelier. He will quickly find you the right wine to suit your taste.


Choose once and follow that choice all the time.

This advice applies to domestic issues. For example, you often wonder what to cook for dinner, what shirt to choose in the store, what to treat your guests. Think in advance about what dishes you cook best, and use one of the recipes when you are overcome with the torment of choice. The closet is more difficult, but you can determine which styles and colors suit you best, and then base your decisions on that.


Entrust the choice to your intuition, or to a random generator of numbers.

In life we often have to choose between very similar options, which may differ only in color, size or one function. In such a case, there is no one right decision, so you can resort to intuition or just trust a coin.


Rate your options on a scale of 100

This is a great way to help you make a difficult and informed decision. To do this, determine as much as possible all the pros and cons, and mentally arrange the scores. If one of the options scored less than 90 points, immediately discard it. The choice becomes obvious.


Make an experiment

Sometimes in an important moment, when you need to make a fateful decision, it's best to run through different scenarios in your head and mentally imagine yourself in this or that situation. For example, you need to choose between your favorite job and a loved one, live these two options, what emotions and feelings accompany you at this moment. Without whom or what you cannot live a happy life.


In life and work we often have to face different difficulties, look for ways out and make decisions. Therefore, it is very important to develop in yourself the problem-solving skill, which is responsible for analyzing problems, searching for causes and solutions.


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