How to optimize the SEO of your website?

Today, I will explain to you four great strategies to improve your website and get better positioning in search engines, that is to say in Google. The factors taken into account by the algorithm of the American giant are multiple and changing, but it can be assumed that some elements will always be important. Today we will see how to optimize the SEO of your website with these strategies. I won't talk about inbound links or paper help review, just what you can do on your page.


SEO is a specialty that requires experience and knowledge

The tips I'm going to give you below are important, but to limit yourself to these recommendations would be to stick to a basic SEO strategy. Search engine optimization requires a lot of work and patience to see results. And, as there are so many parameters to consider, it is necessary to acquire specific knowledge and update yourself. It is usually advisable to count on expert professionals, such as the Eskimos team, because an SEO agency specializes in optimizing web pages and getting them to appear in the first results for relevant keywords.


Four strategies to optimize the SEO of your website

Have the highest quality content

This is probably the most important thing in any SEO strategy. Search engines want to offer quality content to their users. And the whole philosophy of Google's algorithms is based on identifying those pages that provide value. Therefore, regardless of technical aspects, what you have to do is to publish high-quality content. Because, in the long run, they will take it into account.


What is quality content?

In the case of an article, we're talking about a post that provides original information on a topic, relatively long (more than 1,000 words), structured, concise. Think of it that way: Is your article the best information a user searching for a particular keyword could get? If not, you need to work harder.

If the format is a video, obviously, the substance matters (the information provided) and the form (quality of image, sound, editing...).

And so I could go on with other formats such as a podcast, images, and other types of content. The important thing is to stand out for the quality of what you offer. Because that's what users are looking for.

In addition, if you publish great content, it is quite likely that people will share and link to your page, something very positive for your positioning.


Include relevant keywords in the structure of the pages

You already know that finding content in Google and other search engines is by typing in combinations of terms, which are called keywords. Normally, if you have published long content on a topic, you should have naturally included those keywords and synonyms. But, sometimes, there is a more specific and highly searched term in Google, and it is good to know to include it in the structure of your page.

It is important to place the most relevant keywords for the subject of your publication in strategic places such as the titles, the description of the image, or some paragraphs. But do not overdo it because Google punishes content that it considers over-optimized. In addition, it may not be very natural for your users, and you know that quality is always the most important thing.

How to know which are the most relevant keywords? Just sign up for Google Ads, which has a free keyword research tool. Of course, the traffic information is approximate if you don't pay for the ads. There are also many tools from other companies, usually with Freemium services.


Optimize SEO through user experience

For the user who visits your website to be happy, it is not enough that you offer high-quality content. They also need to have a good experience on your site. This involves several things.

The loading speed - a fundamental aspect. You can check the data collected on your domain in Google Search Console, and if the data is not good, check what is wrong with PageSpeed Insights. You will probably have to dig deeper into technical issues and analyze if any plugin or theme slows down the loading of your page. It is not easy to fix, but it is very important.

A user-friendly design. For example, if you publish texts, they must be structured, have spaces, include images so that reading is a pleasant experience. It influences your website's design in general and the construction of each content you make.

Intuitive navigation. Your users must be able to easily find what they are looking for on your website. When you look at how (poorly) designed some company or public administration portals are, it is an incentive not to repeat those mistakes on your page.

The internal link structure of your website

I said before that I would not talk about inbound links to your website. The truth is that, for search engines, those links are like votes of confidence from the pages they link to, and that's why they have value. But the same thing happens inside your website. And that's why it's so important that you carefully design your internal link structure.

To put it very simply, the pages you link to the most internally are probably the most important ones within your site. Imagine you have a very detailed guide on a specific topic. Logically, you will have made many references to that guide on other website pages. Google will understand that it is important and is likely to give it preference over other content on your domain.


Summarizing the four ideas to optimize the SEO of your website:

Create high-quality content, which will become a reference for the subject. Both Google and your users will value it.

Look for relevant keywords and include them strategically in your content without overdoing it and using synonyms.

Help your users have a great experience on your page, both in terms of loading speed and design, without making it intuitive.

Link your most important content internally to make them stand out from the rest.

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