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Positive habits are one of the most effective ways to achieve great results through discipline and daily repetition. For example, a reading habit can allow you to read a voluminous and complex book by reading the same pages every day. 

In the same way, study habits allow you to memorize concepts and convert the information explained in class into knowledge that can be replicated in professional activities. 

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What are study habits?

They are the methods and strategies that students are accustomed to using to assimilate learning units, their aptitude to avoid distractions, their attention to specific material, and their efforts throughout the process.

As we can see in the above quote, study habits focus on how the student strategically employs various means to assimilate the learning units presented in class. 

Under this definition, we could consider different study habits used to improve what is perceived in class until it becomes knowledge. 

Good study habits

To improve your learning, we have elaborated 5 recommendations that can help you obtain an action that you will be able to replicate, even in periods of virtual classes and remote training. 

Time organization

This advice is usually given as a constant. However, it is complex to apply, and few people dare to quantify the time they need for their daily activities to perform a continuous study. 

Interact in class and take notes

To increase the fixation of what is expressed in class, you need to pay attention and interact constantly. Human beings are social beings, so interacting with the teacher through questions or notes will help to remember the data involved. 

On the other hand, handwritten notes are another habit that benefits our memory, especially in the long term.

The result was that those who took notes by hand had written fewer words but appeared to think more intensely about the material as they wrote and digested more thoroughly what they heard, the researchers said in the Psychological Science article. "All that effort helps you learn," said one of those behind the study. 

All the effort involved in manually taking notes, storing them, and reviewing them contributes to the learning process, not only to memorizing but to retaining and reflecting on knowledge, which is essential if we are to move from theory to practice eventually. 

Study constantly 

Some people claim that it is necessary to study a subject on a daily or inter-day basis. However, this is falling into memorization and confusing that remembering due to constant repetition is the same as learning. 

The reality is that it is necessary to practice, review notes and other resources, but with particular periods. We will call "Spaced Review" in the following table, you can see the suggested periods and the possibility of forgetting what was learned in class. 

Employing a study methodology

Study methodologies are one of the primary sources to distribute time and energy in the best way. Some recommend as one of the most influential and straightforward to use the Pomodoro Technique. It consists of considering every 25 minutes of concentration as a "Pomodoro," each section of time, you should rest 5 minutes and every 75 minutes of focus, take a break of 15 minutes. 

This way, you will focus on a specific time and know how much time you have to review your information. Additionally, you can employ other methods like the Flowtime technique, which allows for concentration periods between 10 and 90 minutes. 

Be patient and proactive in learning.

Professionals in continuous training may feel a lot of frustration or anxiety when they want to acquire new knowledge quickly to obtain benefits such as getting a better job, increasing their income, or obtaining knowledge that can bring a significant return on investment. 

It is advisable not to fall into impatience and enjoy the learning process, study at your own pace, and value the procedures to be performed before obtaining new knowledge, so you must be passionate about the subject you are studying, and your learning habits must be enjoyable. 

Some necessary conditions to develop study habits

It is advisable to follow the following recommendations to maintain concentration and develop better study habits. 

A good location 

Having a ventilated, illuminated, and quiet space is critical to benefit a period of concentration. Make sure you also have all your study material at hand and, if necessary, have your computer and Internet access if you need to deploy software or simulator as part of your learning process. 

Have time to study

Once you have distributed your time correctly, you must distribute them in blocks that allow you to focus on learning, distributing the total of your free hours in blocks of 45 to 90 minutes that will enable you to learn. 

Sleep habits

Sleeping is one of the most important actions to improve our learning; sleeping between 6 and a half to 8 hours is beneficial to fix the memories in the long term better. 


A study conducted by the BBC in collaboration with the universities of Edinburgh and Stirling states that 15 minutes of exercise between study periods can benefit learning, so a short walk or cardio exercises can help you retain information. 


Studying habits is one of the most powerful tools to achieve real learning in a continuous training process, besides allowing you to master knowledge through discipline and constant repetition. 

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