#CeDEM13 Call for Paper: Conference for #EDemocracy and Open Government 2013

and access to information, new ways of interacting with government and
democratic institutions, and Internet-based, decentralized grassroots
activism have caused profound changes to the way states are run and
society expected to function. Social media and new dimensions of online
social activity, including individual and collective content generation,
collaboration and sharing as well as the emergence of spontaneous
multilevel networks change our understanding of how to run countries and
companies. Services provided by public and private organisations have
increased citizens’ independence and flexibility, but at the same time
allow for more control. Now we have reached the point where we need to
look at what the ideas, promises and suggestions have brought and why
some projects have failed to reach the aims. Have aims and expectations
been set too high? Or is the question how we define success (and
failure)? Has the role of technology been overemphasised?
These are some of the questions and topics we would like to discuss
at the 2013 Conference. CeDEM13 critically analyses present and future
developments in e-democracy and open government.

Important Dates
 Deadline for the submission of papers and workshop proposals: 15 January 2013
 Notification of acceptance: 29 March 2013
 Camera-ready paper submission: 21 April 2013
 Pre-conference event: 21 May 2013
 Conference: 22-23 May 2013
 Open space, extended workshops, colloquia: 24-25 May 2013(leer más...)

 Fuente: [www.donau-uni.ac.at/ ]