BlackBoard Announcing Open Course: Designing an Exemplary Course

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Hoy os traemos a este espacio el anuncio de BlackBoard, que dentro de su COURSEsites va a impartir un curso en abierto sobre como diseñar un curso ejemplar online...
Aquí os dejo el anuncio en su web:

We are excited to announce the next course in our CourseSites Open
Course Series: Designing an Exemplary Course. The course will run from
September 26th – October 17th, 2012. Registration opens Wednesday,
September 19th.
Whether you are just getting started or are an advanced online
educator, this course will provide you with a framework to help identify
and apply best practices for designing engaging online courses.
You will learn from 11 instructors and instructional designers
including distinguished Exemplary Course Program (ECP)  Directors and
several of the 2012 ECP winners. Using the Blackboard ECP Rubric as a
guide, the course will focus on the four critical elements of a course:
design, interaction and collaboration, assessment, and learner support.
You will have the opportunity to participate in weekly live, online
sessions, learn with peers in focus groups, and  complete optional
assignments to aid your course development and improvement. A panel of
course design experts will facilitate  each group to provide you with
valuable feedback.

We will send you another email next week with information on how to register. You also can access the course link via on September 19th when registration begins.  We look forward to seeing you in the course. (...)
 Open course enrollment will begin September 19th.

Duration: September 26 - October 17 

Las características del curso la tenéis en el siguiente enlace: 
Using the Blackboard Exemplary Course Program (ECP) Rubric
as a guide, this open course will provide both theoretical concepts and
practical tools for instructors to recognize, organize, and build
online courses for both blended learners and online learners.

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