Biking over Cd. Nezahualcóyotl

April 15 2012, my friend Alberto and I took on a difficult mission: Cross the –allegedly– biggest city in the world and conquer Ciudad Nezahualcóyotl, one of its populous and famous districts. Alberto had been to Cd. Neza a couple of times, as he is one of the providers for a physical rehabilitation center built in it, but I had never set foot in it.

My friend Al and me started cycling in col. Escandón, in Mexico's Center-West, followed roughly along Metrobús' line 2 until its terminal, and at Cabeza de Juárez entered Cd. Neza. We went along the main avenue "Adolfo López Mateos" until Bordo de Xochiaca, then all straight until Vía Tapo, almost all around the airport, got lost a couple of times in the way, then back to the heart of the city.

I took only a couple of quick shots — We saw so much, so huge, so surreal things, but the main goal we set for this was just to enjoy cycling. I can just complain about one thing: We cycled for maybe 10Km following the main open sewage line in Mexico City. I had never breathed so much shit in my life — take it as literally as you want. But, all in all, an interesting little trip.